De Luca

You not only are hunted by others, you unknowingly hunt yourself


Gamesmaster notes

De Luca makes no secret of his Caitiff origins, nor that he was protected from death only by the intervention of the Malkavians. He was a Prohibition-Era Detective in St Louis. His embrace was a quasi-sabbat ritual leaving him with a loathing of the high clans, especially the Ventrue.

Preternaturally observant before the embrace, he has become a feared hunter of other kindred. More worryingly, whisper the Ventrue, he has understood the Traditions of the Camarilla too well, warping them, to allow him to avoid punishment. He simply moves on once he decides he has acquired too many enemies, wandering into another court close to Sabbat territory, or where the younger kindred may fall foul to breaches of the Masquerade, following a too energetic feeding on Kine.

His Malkavian supporters point to almost a century of sabbat fighting, and more over the unmasking of multiple breaches of the Masquerade, Anarch plots, or the exsposure of numerous Sabbat spies. Indeed it has been suggested he maybe the first Caitiff inducted into the Archon ranks.

Other clans point to the high number of suspects who he has killed during pursuit, noting the number of previous established Kindred who suddenly breach the masquerade, and the black lines that emesh his aura like mummy banadages. The fact that so many of those he has crossed are Brujah, Tremere and Ventrue suggests he may simply be pursuing a vendetta, and that he may engineer some of those he brings to ‘Justice’. They cite his involvement in having almost all of Lodin’s brood in Chicago destroyed for breaches of the masquerade as proof of this.

Since moving to the city at the request of Balin, he has adopted the position of Scourge. He seems to be friendly to Concord, protective of Dove and has unclear relationships with Natasha Devereaux and Jacques Messier. It is clear that whilst John Flood recognises his ability – measures have been taken to prevent him assisting Balin – see The Sicilian Dragon.


Player supposition

De Luca

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