“Ah Gawaine, Gawaine, ye have betrayed me; for never shall my court be amended by you, but ye will never be sorry for me as I am for you”


GM – Confirmed data

The Malkavian Prince of the city, he assumed power following the execution of the Tremere Wymer around 1990. It is suggested he may previously have been Wymer’s Sherriff or Scourge, but it is without question that he commanded Camarilla forces in retaking the City of Boston in the early Eighties.

At that time he had fallen in with a Malkavian named the Peacock Lord, a former Primogen of Boston, who was executed unfairly by Wymer, shortly after exiling Balin in error for the assassination of one of Wymer’s childer. This action was viewed as just by the other Primogen, including Winthrop, as the entire exile seemed a ploy to acquire the Peacock Lord’s power base. Balin returned to the city, when Johannes Van Den Berg identified the Nosferatu, India, as the assassin.

Little is known of his origins, he is by repute a highly skilled warrior, when he is active he has an air of command and a powerful presence. He speaks with an English accent, and is prone to use language consistent with pre-shakespearean English. It is not clear if this is part of his madness, or actually suggests his origins.

Balin has displayed a number of derangements, the first is an obsession with Arthurian chivalry, his name is almost certainly assumed, and he often speaks in a form associated with the romantic texts. Prescott advised Gwendolyn that this could be used to her advantage when she intervened on behalf of the washer women.

He has recently increasingly began demonstrating a medieval mindset, most notably with the spectacular execution of Michael Tobias. As noted by several members of the court, including his close allies, the formerly chivalric and honurable Prince has started to attack both his enemies & his allies. It has been suggested the harsh penalty exacted on his former scourge, Johannes Van Den Berg, was the final factor which sundered his faction at court and led to the death of Gaveston and Tobias Ames deserting the city. Tyrone has noted that his actions with regard the Dolorous Foundation seem to be becoming erratic and increasingly petty.

Finally, since assuming the Princeship, Balin has been prone to increasing bouts of manic depression. He absents himself from court frequently. delegating powers to his faction at court. This lassitude also seems to affect the city, with Boston’s population, economy and sports teams suffering. A fact that hasn’t endeared him to Silas as two bouts of lassitude affected him entering the post-season in 1995 and 1999, when the Red Sox collapsed against their opposition.


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