The Hollow Crown

All Souls Day

Chapter 5, First Chroncile

Time period : April – May 2001

Court Events

  • Beltane Court

Wiki links
All souls’ day

TV Tropes
Born from war
A little view into the Abyss
This is the really, real world

Summary events
Scene 1 – Winthrop Building

  • JVB banished
  • Megan given vassalship
  • Kingston given vassalship
  • Hardcastle
  • Corey
  • Flood prohibits check of coat
  • Prince ended court abruptly

Scene 2 – Duelling location

  • Trip to duelling location
  • blood trail / auspex/ water confirming both there
  • Shadow play
  • Missing sword

Scene 3 – Roadside Cafe

  • Kingston phonecall from Eleanor
  • Dyer comments on position
    - who suggested way out of stalemate
    - how could he get back
    - why was court collapsing
  • Monitoring by crow, owl and stray dog

Scene 4 – Flood summons
- message in rain
- Flood explanation of politics – one of four people involved
A) Winthrop (as he got primogen fixed)
B) Silas (as he seemed to lose but actually got everything he wanted and subtly screwed over Winthrop)
C) Konrad (by apparantly breaking ranks was working for one of them)
D) Dyer (to restart war by reuniting primogen and forcing Prince to take action to show dominance)

- Flood suspected Silas of being behind deadlock ending

Scene 5 – Seven Stars

  • Gwendolyn feeling of being eaten
  • Johannes discussion

Scene 6 – Hawthorn meeting

  • Nodes sites of power
  • Flavours of magick
  • Disunity of mages
  • Phone call to Mankiller re tape

Scene 7 – Graylings

  • Chilled vibe
  • Plank
  • Scene of bar
  • Outline map from where Thoreaus cabin had been
    3 locations – Old Dutch Cemetery, Minute Man Statue and Walden Pond around bits
  • Uncle M suggestion it could be tapped into

Scene 8 – Auspex on painting

  • Murder of Amy
  • Hardcastle



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