The Hollow Crown

Things to do in Boston

The evil pitcher

Current chapter – the evil pitcher

To be filled in – ward Howe party
The baseball

The group continued to look into two leads from the Naragaset codex. The first was the intuition that Pocumtuc could be the spy. The second that there maybe an ancient creature called the evil pitcher affecting the city.
The party also began to look into their suspicions that Gaveston and Johannes staged the duel, with Flood’s assistance. At this stage motive was unclear, but it was assumed it was to exspose the spy/ work out what was affecting Balin. The group met with Dyer, got a quick demonstration of why arguing with a powerful Brujah who values the truth isn’t brilliant, and dug into the past a little.
They found out that Ames, Gaveston & Johannes had been referred to as the three musketeers during the retaking of Boston. That Johannes had unmasked India after Howe had been attacked by the Sabbat. This latter point explaining why Howe was ‘broken’, Johannes hadn’t arrived in time to stop partial burial rites. The group also confirmed that to Dyer’s knowledge, only a few kindred remained in Boston from the colonial period, with around 5-10 kindred who were around in 19th century.
Dyer extracted from Gwendolyn the knowledge that Aitken may still be alive, and about the dealings with Magi & werewolves from the others. Impressed by their actions, she agreed to mentor the group. (Or to stop them really doing something bad..)
Following up on Tranter’s thought that Boston had lots of old burial grounds, even in centre of town, on what was once estates/ Indian land, the group nots that the light shone on the old granary burial yard, where many founding fathers were buried. The burial ground encompassed a hill, and in investigating this, Gwendolyn broke through a worn out slate, to discover shielded doors.
Noting that the doors had wards against evil pointing inwards, the group entered. Avoiding a series of primitive traps, they encountered a skeleton garou, if roughly man killers size. With teamwork & lucky rolls, they got by it just.
They noted each trap was designed to stop humans & kindred. But not werewolves. Also that the builders had become ain’t ‘golem’ like – empty shells leaving no emotional trace.
On entering a room of magical flame, noting that it had got weaker, Gwendolyn succumbed to wounds, and collapsed in flame.
(Nb this may well be why I don’t run dungeon crawls)
After seeing a friend die (and Kat attacking the mead) the group started to see elements of the worst of each other. Tranter realised he was in the company of two diabolists – when they came upon the withered but clearly vampiric body of a white woman – and made it clear they were destroying the body. The setting was consistent with the codex ‘trial room’.
The group realised the sarcophagus was a false front, and moved through rooms of increasing horror, all focussing on betrayal and violence. They saw most of the court in rivers of burning blood, with faces of Nosferatu. Eleanor callously hacked through all opposition screaming it was just an illusion (and losing humanity in the process) before they came upon a second sarcophagus. On opening they saw the body of a slightly younger Tranter before it fell to dust. Looking round the room, they realised the protective wards had been destroyed on one wall, where the earth was now disturbed as if something had travelled through it.
They realised they were just in a single chamber, beneath the fake sarcophagus, and began to exit, finding An intact Geendolyn, but one who seemed to have fallen into torpor…



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