The Hollow Crown

The Sicilian Dragon


Pawns, peril and plots
Chapter Thirteen
Something Fishy

Opening Gambit


The group were invited to a formal salon at Merisi’s nightclub. The Prince had stated that the ettiquette of court was to be followed at all times, although the location was not elysium for the night.

Various kindred were discussing matters in their various groups

  • James Konrad and Michael Quincy-Adams seemed to be discussing a matter of some import with Harold Paulsen
  • Winthrop was playing chess with a newcomer to court Nikola Winthrop had taken the white pieces.
  • Declan Tyrone and Dyer seemed to be watching the crowd
  • The full panopoly of Toreador were milling around and Merisi was in a fine fettle
  • The general discussion was around what the Prince planned for Hardcastle, who was now to lead Clan Toreador and a suggestion that Boston appeared to be entering a period of peace from the Sabbat.

There were noted absences

  • The Prince, and his new Childe
  • Silas and Cartwright
  • Most of Clan Tremere

Although in the latter case this may have been down to the spirits at the Mayfield sanitarium being particularly restless.

The evening went without much comment – with the absence of the rowdier element – most of the attendees seemed annoyed that there hadn’t been a repetition of the events at Hardcastle’s party. At least until ….

18 …. Rf3 Black Knight takes White Bishop

Eleanor was tempted to feed by an enthusiastic blood doll. As she moved to the back of the building she was ambushed and staked.

Despite the best efforts of Imaad and others to track the missing Liege, little was discovered, other than that there were mutliple assailants, who had planned their route well. They deliberately went across water sources and through water to dispel magic, and broke in and out across multiple traffic intersections, cctv blindspots and across mutiple CCTV sources, making it difficult to track the non-descript vehicle they were using.

The court was alerted and advised to be on their guard, but as it was unclear what threat they were facing, little other action could be taken.

23 …. Be3 Black Rook takes White Knight

Gwendolyn went to find out if Silas or Alison could be of assistance. Having arranged to meet with Trantor at Silas bar, as she attempted to make her way into the bar she was attacked by a taxi driver. Rapidly staked, even Silas was unable to respond in time to her being captured.

Gwendolyn awoke in a sealed vault storing movie film. Looking at the films a majority of them seemed to have been deliberately left out to draw attention. These included a number of vampire movies, the Great Dictator and a variety of movies about the civil rights movement.

Nikola told the group they were being held here as a consequence of their sires and elders. Most notably the blood of Gwendolyn being to blame. He hoped that their stay would not be long – as after all he was winning the game. He made other comments to suggest that he was not a supporter of the Camarilla, being suspicious of the elders motivations.

A young girl was thrown into pit. At which point Gwendolyn realised there wasn’t enough air once the door was closed.

24 Be8 White Bishop takes Black Bishop

The following night things went marginally better for the group. An overly ambitious kindred, of either the line of Malkav or Tremere, attempted a blatant grab on a human in the street. By chance Imaad, Ralph and Malcolm were nearby and managed to capture him instead.

Unfortunately despite the best efforts of some of the more senior members of court, the were unable to persuade him to reveal anything other than an oblique reference to Nikolai and a film store. Even this seemed to cause him to break, as if some control had been put in place to prevent this.

The court identified it could only be from three locations in Boston, and the Prince despatched seperate groups to each.

During this period the artist Steven Hughes was thrown into the vault, making an already serious problem worse.

This situation was not helped by the girl being possessed by some creature and seeming to create an air bubble around herself after throwing the group away from her with a gesture of her hand.

With the air supply apparantly dwindling, Gwendolyn agonised over whether to kill the artist peacefully or to allow Eleanor to embrace him.

33 Qe8 White Queen attacks back row

Just as things seemed to be at their darkest, Konrad’s party attacked the film store. In a critical battle which saw most of the Malkavian’s brood fall to De Luca, Tyrone and Konrad, the merging of the girl and the creature seemed to be complete. As she vanished she seemed to refill the room with air.

The damage to Tyrone seemed to be the most severe. He had taken the full force of some capitve spirit, before De Luca had smashed the stonework that contained it. Tyrone was non-responsive, in some form of vegetative state, with De Luca and Konrad both seeming to have had an argument with a gangrel in a bad mood.


Qe3 White regroups

Konrad took the group back to the Thunor Institute. He seemed distressed at finding out the reference to chess.

Steven was left at a private clinic.

Flood seemed to be working out a strategy. After listening to the groups tale, he advisded them of the need to seek out Michael. This occurred just before a news item on a car crash came over the radio.

The group noticed that considerably more ritual activity than normal was occurring at the chantry – suggesting defensive buildup.

47 …. hxg4 Black pawn takes White Rook

The group came upon a scene ad carnage. A truck, marked in the firkin livery, had crashed into two cars.

Whilst De Luca and Kingston attended to a clean up – including altering police officers memories – the group found Quincy-Adams close to final death. He hadn’t been helped by feeding on random victims as he frenzied.

55 …. Black King creates stalemate

The vassal court was summoned by Flood. Upon entering the Thunor Institute it became clear that the Tremere were preparing to use force if necessary.

It also became clear the Tremere were arranging matters to isolate the Prince and Winthrop in addition to having at least two Gargoyles in attendance.

Relating their tale, additional evidence was provided by Kingston, which confirmed that the ghoul and the other kindred had been malkavian & of the same line as the Prince.

Winthrop insisted he knew nothing of this, but it was clear the Prince was seeking to attack his line in an attempt to strengthen his position.

This was rather subverted when Konrad entered wheeling in Michael. They aimed two chess pieces at Winthrop accusing him of risking their lives over a game.

Angered at their action, and egged on by Bartleby, Winthrop disowned both of them. For good measure the Prince them stripped them of their vassalship. He reminded Winthrop that it had been him who blocked Alison from the court for being clanless.

Finally Nikolai said his piece. The entire game had been to demonstrate the elders of the Camarilla could not be trusted. He accused Winthrop of being the one to suggest playing with his own blood- as a way to demonstrate their superiority.

With that he made the statement, one last sacrifice before throwing himself bodily against the multiple wards the Tremere had set around him.

With no other option, the Primogen confirmed that a conclave had been called by Thomas Muntzer, sire of Dyer which amongst other activity would consider these charges. The Toreador justicar would also be in attendance as the Camarilla had long grown interested in why this war was in stalemate. Until such time Winthrop and the Prince were removed from power, with Dyer stepping up to the Primogen.


Actually Gwendolyn woke up in the film store with the girl standing over her with the stake in her hand, as she unstated Gwendolyn saying she thought this was some wacky film production.

It came apparent Eleanor was there, not sure why it took her longer to regain consciousness from being staked but guessing humanity or GM mcguffin.

The issue with air was thought of, Gwendolyn attempted dominate to calm the girl where upon the other voice spoke (leech… Such a charming word)

Forward to next night, malk throws in the artist and taunts Gwendolyn on how humanity is just a veneer, brings in chess stuff etc.

The Sicilian Dragon

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