The Hollow Crown


Story 2, First Chronicle

The coterie were invited to meet with the Lady Arabella Stuart at the “Inn on the Lake” a family run bar restaurant in Concord. A fidgety man, clearly out of place in the bar, the novelist Michael Drake, acknowledged them as they entered.

The group passed a pleasant evening, as Arabella gave them some of the political background on Boston. She asked their permission for her childe to reside in Concord as he finished his new work, and invited them to exhibition of her new childe’s Megan Doyle work at another of her progeny’s galleries Marcus Hardcastle. Gwendolyn Ashbridge queried who in Boston would be best placed to answer queries on the star alignment (having noticed that the stars were getting close to the image she had seen in the codex). Arabella suggested a Tremere, Freya Ahlstrom, might be best placed and left.

The evening passed normally. The group attended the gallery opening. The graffiti art was not to everyone’s taste. Gwendolyn in particular fled he bar in some disarray. A rapprochement of some sort was had between Imaad Al Qasim and Declan Tyrone. Declan advised Imaad that a local mosque was in danger of being closed, but that Balin had banned him from intervening directly.

Eleanor Van den Berg had a discussion with an adventurer, Tex Geddes, another childe of Arabella. He wryly commented that not everyone belonged in the clan they were born to – before moving off.

Side bar with Gwndolyn being offered a deal

Gwendolyn fled the gallery quickly – after failing to elicit anything save for contempt from the Tremere she asked for assistance from.

Sidebar on why Gwendolyn doesn’t do All Bar One

The next evening got off to a poorer start than normal. Imaad was deep in conversation with the distraught husband of one of his students, when he heard Willow Ashby scream. Rushing outside, Imaad was easily swatted away by Domnhail Tremayne. He saw Madeline Normand bundle Willow into a black limousine before they fled the scene.

Eleanor barely had time to check Imaad was arrived before she was pulled into shadows.

Side bar on why Eleanor always collects her frequent shadow miles with Obtenebration express

Imaad broke into Eleanor’s house – trying to find her. She called him from Gloucester, around a 100 miles away, returning by train.

After being attacked, the group were summoned to the Inn on the Lake, whereTobias Ames, Stockton and Gaveston were waiting for them to discuss what happened to the keeper of elysium who had vanished shortly after leaving them. Imaad – in a barely controlled frenzy vowed vengeance.

The group sought out Prof. Michael Fallonat the Celeidh place, which they quickly discovered was a major garou hangout. On mentioning that Tremayne was one of the people they were after the group rose as one to hunt him down. Using Drake’s blood – the garou did a ritual to track Lady Arabella.

They found her in the midst of a ritual sacrifice – a massive battle ensued between the Garou and a mass embraced pack of sabbat. Gwendolyn was dominated to run, before being beaten to a pulp by tendrils of shadow.

Imaad entered into a mortal combat with a Sabbat Gangrel that came close to ending his unlife. Of the group Eleanor fared best, using her own powers of dominate on the newly embraced kindred to distract them whilst Garou cut them down.

All the while a portal was being opened in the lake – with what appeared to be ancient scottish warriors coming through.

Realising the battle was turning against them – Normand and Treemaine fled the scene. However – as their last action they cast Arabella into the portal.

Eleanor pulled Gwendolyn from the scene – into the trees.

why friends don’t let friends get garou blood m’kay

Imaad was left bearly holding himself together (literally) as the ghouls under gaveston tried to contain the carnage…



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