The Hollow Crown

Balin's Quest

Story 1, First Chronicle

Act 1: The Samhain Court
Wednesday 1st November 2000

Prince Balin assembled the full court of Boston to attend his Samhain Court at the Boston Aquarium The Samhain Court

On entering the court, Gwendolyn Ashbridge noted that Balin was deep in discussion with an impassioned Winthrop. The subject of their discussion would become clear shortly. Winthrop was clearly enraged at the refusal of the Prince to listen to his pleading.

Eleanor Van den Berg entered the aquarium, accompanied by her sire, Johannes Van Den Berg who was dressed in biker leathers. Imaad Al Qasim noted that neither she or her sire cast a reflection in the glass. They moved towards a group gathering around Dyer.

Whilst kindred moved around the area, it was clear that at least two groups existed. One gravitated towards the youthful Gaveston and Samuel Prescott, the other gathered around the noticeable older John Flood and Winthrop..

Gaveston called the group to order -using an ancient staff carved in strange runic symbols. The Prince first called for the new Kindred in town to publicly introduce themselves.

The first to do so was Eleanor Van Den Berg, shocked to discover that her sire had not obtained permission before her embrace. Her sire was forced to offer a life boon to the prince, and Eleanor offended Dyer’s contingent by vowing to follow the Prince as his vassel. The Prince seemed swayed by the argument that she had been attacked and the embrace was done out of family loyalty. It seemed that Prescott may have intervened on Eleanor or her sire’s behalf as well.

Making just as interesting a first impression wasImaad Al Qasim, his description of himself as ‘Childe of Haqim’ caused the assembled Tremere to group behind their Primogen, except for one, Declan Tyrone

The last to introduce herself was Gwendolyn Ashbridge, her announcement as a Caitiff, formerly of Clan Ventrue, seemed to interest the Prince. Gaveston seemed to note the Prince’s response for future use.

The session moved onto the dispensation of the Prince’s judgement. Stockton and Tobias Ames brought in the bound and dishevelled Ventrue, Tobias Flood, childe of Winthrop and Liege of Concord. For breaches of the First, Second, Third and Fourth traditions. Ames slit his throat and threw him into the shark tank, whilst the Prince calmly announced that the Domain of Concord was now open.

Gaveston made it clear that the boon extracted from the characters for being accepted to the City was being called in by the Prince. The group needed to travel to Gloucester to acquire the Narangansett Codex. Through various contacts, Gwendolyn and Eleanor were able to identify that the book had been stolen and the suspected thief had died in suspicious circumstances.

Imaad Al Qasim discussed the codex with Pocumtec, who identified that his tribe had long associations with the Gangrel and the Werewolves of the area. He had previously discredited the codex to ensure that its potential impact on the masquerade was minimal.

Prescott muttered gnomic references to “The shadow of the wolf, on a silver birch” before becoming focussed on a turtle in the ocean pool. Gwendolyn made the error of trying to look into his soul, and suffered a blinding migraine as a consequence. The group retired for the evening agreeing to travel to Gloucester the following evening.

Act 2: Gloucester and the Codex
Thursday 2nd November 2000

The group travelled to the fishing town of Innsmouth Gloucester MA about an hour’s drive from Boston – noting an eldritch fog settling over the town. They had a meeting with Donoghue – who was looking to sell the codex. The group identified that:

  1. The book was clearly of the time;
  2. The book had clear descriptions of vampire feeding and rituals;
  3. The book would appear to be the original codex;
  4. There were at least three serious bidders;
  5. The cost was in excess of $1m; and
  6. It was unclear who had arranged the fee to examine the book.

The group was unsuccessful in trying to obtain the book ahead of the auction, and even the wealthy Eleanor and Gwendolyn realised this would stretch their resources to the limit. They retreated to a local hostelry, “The Stone’s Pub”. Their conversation was interrupted by Prof. Michael Fallon who announced he was one of the bidders and agreed to back out of the auction provided that the book was destroyed and replaced with a less revealing equivalent.

Any further banter was delayed when there was an arson attack on the bar. Content Not Found: andrewsImaad Al Qasim]] grabbed Eleanor and launched himself through a window. Gwendolyn followed the werewolf shaped hole in wall left by the departing Michael Fallon. Unfortunately the humans had planned their attack, a group of three men unleashed a hail of bullets down the alleyway, before fleeing the scene. Eleanor was unable to avoide being struck repeatedly and fell in a bloody heap. Imaad pulled her to the safety of the far side of the alleyway.

Eleanor attempted to resuscitate Eleanor whilst Imaad dripped blood over her muttering soothingly in Arabic. Unfortunately Eleanor leapt for Gwendolyn’s throat feasting on her blood. Imaad successfully subdued Eleanor. The group got back to the hotel suites that Gwendolyn’s retainer Jarvis Lederer had procured, from where Imaad scoured the streets to procure stray animals to obtain blood. The group wearily trailed back to Boston – seeking to realise funds to procure the book.

The following night, Jarvis advised them that Donoghue had been found dead in Gloucester. The group returned to the city – as they entered the town they received a call from Prescott advising them they needed to travel to Boxford. This baffled Gwendolyn as she didn’t know how the mobile worked. They broke into the poorly guarded location, with Gwendolyn killing the guard, whilst the Eleanor and Imaad sought out the codex. On returning to Boston, Jervis called to advise Gwedolyn that a carrier pigeon had arrived at her home with a note from Prescott. They handed over the codex and retired to Boston to recover.

Subsequently they were informed by a messenger from the prince that they had been granted the domain of the town of Concord MA



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