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They are given to all kinds of marvellous beliefs; are subject to trances and visions, and frequently see strange sights, and hear music and voices in the air.
Washington Irving – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

It is the end of the second millenium, 25 years since the Camarilla of Boston retook their city in a bloody and protacted campaing from the Sabbat. Old emnities were set aside as Brujah anarchs allied with Ventrue elders to take back the city. The forces were led in the field by the charismatic Malkavian Balin, dubbed knight of the Peacock Lord.

A decade later, the attempt to retake New England had stalled, with the court betrayed from within. The reign of the despotic Tremere Prince, Wymer, was ended by Balin in a trial by combat. With the ancient animosities rising to the fore, and recriminations growing over the failure of the war to progress, Balin fell into a cycle of apathy & lethargy followed by bursts of frantic energy. The elder’s draw their ancillae to them and the city descends into factionalism.

Almost as if sensing this weakness, the Sabbat have began to send recces into the city to test the mettle of the Camarilla defenders. The wolves bay into the wind, seeking to restore their power base by recover the wilderness and the tribal lands. The Magi raise their eyes from their dusty tomes exploiting the the fall of the once mighty Tremere and the Restless Dead watch on.

As one of his last acts before falling into a lassitude, the Prince appointed three neonates to rule part of his domain…

Caveats & Other Stuff

April 2013

We are a London based gaming group who have all been acutely aware of the consequences of hate crimes & terrorism in the last 8 years. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the people of Boston this evening.

This chronicle is entirely fictional and please contact the GM if you feel any offence has been caused and we will seek to address this.

Age warning

The players in this game are all supposed to be mature adults. Whilst there is damn little evidence for this, we would suggest the game isn’t suitable for those under the age of consent in your country.

The Hollow Crown

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